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Apathy will destroy you…if you let it.

Apathy will destroy you. It will rot your bones from the inside out and turn you into a wretched soul with nothing but a husk for basic bodily functions. I mean it.

This isn’t going to be one of those feel good, self help type blogs. I’m really not about that stuff, but I do believe there is a lot merit to the company you keep and the content you consume.

My professional educational background is primarily in science, so I’m an analytical thinker. I take this approach to everything I do in life. One of the areas of science I find to be the most fascinating is biology, the human body, with its inimitable contrivances (to borrow the phrase from the late Charles Darwin) is a part of science we will probably never be done studying. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “you are what you eat”, but have you ever really stopped to think about what that means? It is quite literal, your body is a living organism and every physical extension of your life and limb comes from the foods you eat, chemicals are broken down and re-purposed to create everything from your skin and your hair to your bones and your teeth. The quality of the fuel you put into your mouth is a direct determinant of your physical quality of life.

But…this isn’t going to be a nutrition blog either, at least not primarily. If it stands to reason that the food we put in our bodies breaks down into the building blocks of what we are, then it also stands to reason that the content we consume, the things we talk about, and the company we keep are the building blocks of what we think and feel.

The reason we often have difficulty becoming the type of person we want to be is because we feed ourselves metaphorical junk food for the soul, and the product we get…is a dysfunctional one.

It has been said that you are a product of the five people in your life who you are closest too…I’d take that a step farther, and say you are a product of the last 5 books you read, you are a product of what you focus on right before you fall asleep, you are a product of how much time you spend watching television. Your mind is only as good as the fuel you give it.

Most people who attempt to go on a diet fail, they start out strong, often as a new years resolution or a stern talking to by your primary care physician. Our best intentions and strongest foot is put forward, an apple and steel cut oats for breakfast, a salad for lunch…and then a quick detour to a large pepperoni pizza for dinner (hey now,  I love pizza as much as the next guy).

My point is, we often jump into things without first setting reasonable, attainable goals for it is we want to achieve. We overwhelm ourselves with change and burn out on our conquest quickly, we are motivated to change but not determined to execute. Want to know the secret…not just to changing your physical lifestyle but your mental lifestyle too? Small, incremental and sustainable changes.

How about tonight, instead of that hour of television you always watch, you pick up that book you’ve had sitting on your nightstand for the last 2 months instead. How about this weekend, instead of going to the bar to have some drinks, you go for a walk in the park? How about instead of browsing facebook for the 50th time today, you pick up the phone and call your Dad or a long lost friend.

We cannot expect to enact changes in who we are over the course of a day, but we can, however, enact changes in our behavior patterns that will ultimately impact the person we will one day be.

Be honest with yourself…Are there some people in your life who provide nothing of value to you? Are there are some habits you might have that are rotting the teeth of your mental acuity? Take 5 minutes, and come up with a reasonable and sustainable change that you can make today, that will help make you a wiser, stronger, more prudent man tomorrow. And then two weeks from now, review your progress and come up with another small change.

Cut out the apathetic people from your social circle who do nothing but drag you down. Destroy your habits that are wasting your precious limited time in this wonderful gift known as life. Ask questions. Seek answers. Seek counsel. Find Wisdom. Find prudence. Find discernment. These things are more valuable than any other reward in this life.